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The mining operations are mechanized, adopting state of the art technology and equipment’s namely hydraulic drifter, in-pit crusher, cone crushers and mobile crushers. Flexibility in operations enables the company to maximize the utilization of resources, as well as cater to the needs of diverse customers.

Bauxite Ore

Bauxite is a soft, whitish to reddish-brown rock consisting mainly of hydrous aluminum oxides and aluminum hydroxides along with silica, silt, iron hydroxides, and clay minerals. Bauxite is a major source of aluminum. Bauxite is a raw material consisting mainly of alumina-bearing hydroxides, oxides of iron, silicon and titanium with impurities of Ca, Mg, Cr, V, P, Ga and other elements. Basic alumina containing minerals of bauxites are gibbsite Al(OH)3, Boehmite g-AlO(OH) and Diaspore a-AlO(OH). Besides, bauxite contain minerals of iron: hematite a-Fe2O3, goethite a-FeO(OH), silica as quartz a-SiO2 and Kaolinite Al2[Si2O5](OH)4, Titanium Dioxide as Anatase and Rutile. Carbonates of Ca & Mg, Sulphur, impurities of organic substances are also present in smaller quantities in Bauxite.
The processing of these bauxites is done at a number of alumina refineries in the world. Ashapura bauxites can be processed at a low-temperature autoclave digestion (145 ºC to 155 ºC). They can be used also for sweetening stage and for non-autoclave digestion in agitators (105 ºC).
About 85% of bauxite mined worldwide is used to produce alumina for refining into Aluminum metal and 15% of bauxite goes into refractory, chemical, cement, abrasives and other applications. Aluminum is possibly the most versatile product with applications in almost every industry. Since bauxite is the primary source for Aluminum it will always be in great demand.

Application & Uses of Bauxite

Bauxite is successfully used for metallurgical grade alumina production besides applications in the cement industry, alumina chemical, steel, alum, energy industries, flame-retardants etc.
Raktdantika initiated the process of mining Bauxite Ore and is committed to providing the best quality Bauxite ore that is required by its customers. The company mining rights & permits for the extraction and export of Bauxite Ore in process & at the final stage with state government. Bauxite Ore mining operation will be commenced at location of Katni District (MP).

Properties of Bauxite

Cement Grade Bauxite

Metallurgical Grade Bauxite

Parameters Specifications Parameters Specifications
Al2O3 42-45 % min Al2O3 45-47 % min
SiO2 10 % max SiO2 4-5 % max
TiO2 3-4 % max TiO2 3-4 % max
Fe2O3 10-25 % max Fe2O3 15-25 % max
CaO 0.50-5 % max CaO 0.50-3 % max
Size 0-100 mm Size 0-100 mm
Moisture 5 % max Moisture 5 % max

Mines Safety

Mining is done by top slicing method. OB and Ore are removed mechanically with the help of excavator and dumper. Average heights of the benches are maintained as per the regulations and permissions granted by the Director of Mines Safety of state government. The ROM is fed to the crusher to get the final product of 5 - 20 mm crushed ore. A water injection system has been provided in the wagon drill for wet drilling to suppress the fugitive dust. Rock breaker has been provided to break the oversize boulders eliminating secondary blasting.
Sufficient water spraying arrangements have been provided to suppress dust on haul roads with the help of water tankers throughout the working shifts. Water sprinkling has also been provided at all discharge points of OPP (Ore Processing Plant) along with the atomized sprinkling arrangement.

Welfare Amenities

Workers are provided accommodation facilities with essential and recreational amenities like dispensary, conveyance to attend duty, playground, sports facility etc.
Regular safety meetings are conducted with equal participation from workers, management and contractor’s representative in order to ensure the zero accident aim. Air, water quality, noise and other environmental parameters monitored regularly and maintained below permissible limits.

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