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We promote an entrepreneurial attitude throughout our business and value the ability to predict business opportunities in the sequence and act on them promptly. Whether it will be developing growth in projects, making strategic decisions or creating entrepreneurs from within, we ensure an entrepreneurial attitude at the heart of our workplace.



We continue to deliver growth and generate significant value for our Employees and Business partners. Besides, our growth fennel is robust as we seek to continue and deliver significant growth for our people, product, process and place in the future. We have pursued growth across all our business and into new areas, always on the basis that “value” must be delivered.


Achieving excellence in all that we do is our way of life. We endeavor to consistently deliver product/service ahead of time at the finest quality. We are constantly focused on achieving submissive cost of production in each of our business. To achieve this, we follow a culture of best practice as a benchmark.



We conduct our business in an open, honest and ethical manner. We are fair and transparent in all our trade with our customers, stakeholders, and partners and with each employee. Pertaining to this, we will adopt the highest standard of professional code of ethics and personal behaviors.


We practice sustainability within the context of well-defined governance policies and with the demonstrated commitment of our management and employees. We aim to curtail damage to the environment from our projects and to make positive impact on the environment wherever we carry out work.

Business Area

River Sand

Sand is used as fine aggregate in mortars and concrete. Natural river sand is the most preferred...

Bauxite Ore Mining

The mining operations are mechanized, adopting state of the art technology and equipment’s namely hy ...


Logistics Raktdantika has an extensive fleet of its own consisting of large number of dumpers, excavat....

Real Estate & Infrastructure

Raktdantika was founded in 2012, with solitary ethos, "Bring Nature Inside". This intrinsic thought is the foundation of Raktdantika in Real Estate & Inf...